It is not always cost effective to install high quality sources such as UHD Movie Servers, Virgin Tivo Boxes, SKY Q receivers, or the like, in every room in the house. These ultra High Definition sources can be expensive, either as one off purchases, or by having to have multiple ongoing subscriptions.

Did you know that you are only allowed ONE Sky Q Silver box (with 4K UHD Output) per postal address, and that the add-on mini boxes are only capable of 2K HD picture resolution?

Share your video sources with all the TVs in your home. Multi-room Video Distribution allows you to centrally locate and control any high value source equipment, and display it on any connected TV in the home.

View the 4K UHD output of the Silver Sky Q box on any of your 4K UHD TVs

Matrix Distribution

The simplest distribution can be by way of a Matrix Switcher with a set number of inputs (sources) and outputs (TVs)

These typically come in 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 configurations (although they can go larger).

Video over IP

Larger systems, or systems that have longer than average runs from the central location to the TVs can be much more cost effectively managed by installing a modular video over IP solution whereby a receiver is fitted to each TV and a transmitter to each source, thereby allowing any combination of source to display configurations to be achieved (i.e. 9×27, 212×172, etc.).

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