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The Amethyst delivers an unrivaled level of accuracy regarding processing to maintain the highest possible audio quality throughout the signal path. While regular DSP-based platform would immediately down-sample high-resolution audio material, our platform process audio up to 192 kHz.

Furthermore, our 64 bits floating point processing section increases the accuracy of all calculation spectacularly to guarantee true signal integrity with a resolution greater than 320dB. This processing headroom also allows us to perform digital volume control without any loss of resolution.


The Amethyst includes an 11-source preamplifier with built-in Speaker/Room Optimizer, Trinnov’s innovative HybriD Phono Preamp, a Network Renderer, a 24 bit/192kHz DA Converter and a 2-way intelligent, active crossover engine. It also features built-in Wifi connectivity for simplified operations making it the perfect centerpiece of any traditional or modern Hifi Installation.

ARCAM - Bringing Music To Life

We are proud to be an ARCAM dealer. Arcam provides high quality Hi-Fi product, including a range of 2-channel systems dedicated to music, and multi-channel systems aimed at home theatre.

Their focus on music reproduction however means that their multi channel systems are not just for movies, but perform exeptionally with music too! 

KEF Reference Quality Speakers

KEF are a British manufacturer of high end speakers.

From the very beginning, the pioneering inventiveness of KEF loudspeakers was undeniable and now for several decades, audiophiles around the world have revered KEF for its innovative, high-performance loudspeakers.

A good system in a good listening room can produce quite a convincingly real sonic illusion

Turntables - Vinyl is NOT dead!

Many of your cherished vinyl records may never be issued in digital formats, which means good turntables are now more important then ever! 

Analogue purists behold, ISI Smarthomes embrace the technology of the past with the manufacturing and design technology of the present.

Vinyl enthusiasts, complete your audiophile experience here!

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