Whole Home Solutions

Change the mood of a room at the touch of a button. Intelligent lighting can transform the ambience of any living space in the house.

Control any light in any room from any button on any keypad – its all in the programming.

Flexibility allows creativity!

Architectual Lighting

Light up your architecture with external lighting. Highlight the external features of your home in any colour.

Astronomical timers know when it gets dark and light , any day of the year. External lighting can be programmed to come on and turn off automatically to provide a safe environment when returning home.

Landscape Lighting

Don’t forget the garden! Your garden can be just as much of a attraction after dark. Landscape lighting can highlight plants, trees, water features, in fact anything you would like to draw attention to.

Colour change lighting can add a whole other dimension to make your garden come alive at night.

Example Projects

LED Fittings with stunning performance

Our aim is to help lighting and interior designers realise the full potential of their projects by offering unparalleled quality of light. Our luminaires enrich colours in fabrics and materials, and our accurate beam control helps to achieve any desired scheme effect.

Our latest Warm Dim range dims to an orange glow, mimicking that warm cosy feeling of halogens .

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