Business Class Routers

Networks are now the backbone that supports many devices within a home: Smart TVs, Media Servers, Video and Music Streaming, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smart Phones all need to connect to the network to access local and Web based content. With the Internet of Things (IoT) meaning many more devices come ‘network ready’ it is important to ensure that you have the infrastructure in place to handle this.

Consumer grade routers may be fine for a bit of web browsing, but when you add in all of the other elements it becomes obvious that a more robust system in adopted to ensure that performace, resilience, quality of service, and security targets are met

ISI Smarthomes empower their networks with business grade routers from manufacturers such as Draytek and Luxul

Business Class Switches

Your network will consist of many devices that will need individual connections to your network. Business class routers will generally only provide a couple of ports and so it is required to add network switches to expand the connection capability. Add to that many devices are POE, i.e. powered over the Ethernet connection using the same cable, then it becomes necessary to install POE capable network switches capable of supporting the bandwidth required by the hardware connected.

ISI supply and install business class Layer 2 managed Gigabit POE switches with high bandwidth back planes to ensure that whatever the network requires the system can handle it.

Add to that fiber optic 10GB uplik ports to provide a high bandwidth link between routers and you have a system that can support performance.

Performance Monitoring

Your network consists of many elements, Router, Switches, incoming Broadband, and then there are the connected components such as smart TVs or media servers, WiFi points and IP cameras, door entry and climate controls, automation touch screens and lighting processors, the list goes on. These devices are normally permanently attached to the network (unlike a laptop or tablet which may come and go), and they will often depend on the network and other devices being available in order to provide all of their functions.

ISI Smarthomes would supply and install a Remote Network Monitoring Platform that will monitor the presence and connectivity of all of these devices and provide alerts when an item fails to be available. this proactive support means that problems can often be diagnosed before the client is aware.


WiFi is a critical part of the home network. Tablets, laptops, smart phones, etc., all require a usable WiFi network to provide their best operation. Since they are inherently a mobile device it is important that good coverage is provided throughout the property.

To ensure the best WiFi coverage we supply and install a distributed managed WiFi system. This features smart wireless access points (WAPs) that are centrally managed. This means that there is a single point of logon to the network and the mobile device is not required to drop and re-logon when passing from one point to another as is the case when consumer type wifi repeaters are used.

With our system the Wifi network appears to the mobile device as one large bubble of coverage, not (as is the case with consumer grade solutions) many single areas with the same Logon details.

Our Wifi systems can range from a single WAP, up to 100s of WAPs, providing coverage of a single room, floor, house, or entire estate. There are internal and external weatherproof units, and all feature high bandwidth connections, VLANs and guest networks


Whilst WiFi is a required element of the network system, it shouldn’t be regarded as the sole solution to networking within the home.

Many automation and media devices do not have a wireless capability, and in general it is always more reliable and secure to have a cabled connection than a wireless one. As many devices are now POE (powered over the network cable), having a cable connection to them is the only way to work.

Cabled networks, as their name implies, requires running individual cables from the central network location, out to the location that a device is to be connected. These locations can be where you may have a desk, a phone, a CCTV camera, a TV, a door entry monitor, a Bluray player, etc, etc.

There are several types of cable that can be installed for this use: Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, with unscreened or screened options. Additionally for areas where it is envisioned a high bandwidth connection may be a requirement now, or later, there is Fiber Optic.

We can design, install, and commission the appropriate solution for your requirements.

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

VOIP is the technology of passing voice calls over an internet connection rather than using a conventional analougue telephone line.

It has many advantages over a Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) in that being made up of network devices it can share the network infrastructure that you have invested in throughout your home.

VOIP technolgy means that you can implement business class telephone solutions at a fraction of the cost that used to be associated with them. VOIP systems are able to handle multiple calls and have multiple telephone numbers all over the same internet connection. Our VOIP ystems can interact with door entry and access control systems, your home automation system (answer your telephone from your in-wall touchpanel!), smart phones and tablets, laptops and desktops.

They can incorporate call queing, voicemail, and hold music. They can be used as intercoms. Calls can be answered on your smartphone from anywhere that you have an Internet connection.

And best of all the calls are cheaper!

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